Monday, October 7, 2013

Whole 30, Day 7

This was a big test day.  I had a day in Duluth planned with the kids, so I had to plan ahead to stay as close as possible to the Whole 30 plan.  We ate breakfast before we left.

Spinach, kale, mushrooms sauteed in olive oil w/crushed red peppers; 2 fried eggs; banana/pineapple/ coconut; black coffee; water

We went to a Harvest Fest that had a Farmers Market (good) and many food vendors (not so good). I bought the kids some kettle corn that smelled so good when they were eating it.

We went to Old Country Buffet where I had a salad with mixed greens and spinach, black olives, cucumbers, balsamic vinegar and olive oil; honeydew and canteloupe; baked fish and steamed broccoli; and water.
The fish and broccoli may have been prepared in a way that's not quite Whole 30, but I did the best I could. And I didn't have dessert, which is one of my favorites at the OCB.

Leftover chicken, carrots and squash; water

Best of all, I didn't feel hungry/like I had low blood sugar despite a long time between meals today, and no snacks.

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