Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Whole 30, Day 29

Today was a big test of the will.  Our family went hiking and to Grand Marais for the day, so I started out with a good breakfast at home.

Scrambled eggs w/ sauteed spinach and kale; avocado; black coffee; water

I love it when the avocado is perfectly ripe

We went to the Harbor House Grille, where they do a lot with locally sourced food.  I had the free range chicken, veggie of the day, and mixed green salad w/raspberry vinaigrette; water.  I asked for no potato and double the veggies.  I also passed on the dessert that the rest of the family had, and on the ice cream they had later in the day.

Sweet potato/pork/ mushroom hash

Despite the long time between meals, my blood sugar stayed steady and I wasn't super hungry even though we had a long, busy day. (8 a.m. breakfast, 2 p.m. lunch, 9 p.m. supper)

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