Thursday, September 22, 2011

From the Grocery List to the Dinner Table

After I make note of what's on sale at Super One, I decide what meals to make. This week I planned to make:
Pork roast ($1.89/lb.) made in the crock pot with sauerkraut, baked potatoes and cooked carrots
Chicken Enchiladas with shredded chicken from the freezer. I bought tortillas at $0.99 each, shredded cheddar cheese and a can of cream of chicken soup. I had salsa already in the pantry.
Chili made with hamburger from the freezer, beans in the pantry, and corn from the freezer. We had corn muffins with the chili, made from ingredients in the pantry--I use the recipe on the corn meal container.
Parmesan drumsticks made with chicken from the freezer, Bear Creek pasta side (new product was on sale for $2.49, used $1 coupon making it $1.49), and a vegetable blend from the freezer.
Chicken dinner made with ingredients from the freezer and pantry.
Minestrone soup made with pantry ingredients, with Tuscan bread my husband got from Great Harvest
Frozen pizza with wings (2/$5 for the wings)
Not for this week, but I bought a turkey breast for $0.89/lb. to put in the freezer for Sunday dinner sometime in the future.

Other items that I bought this week--
For breakfast
Honey Bunches of Oats 2/$5, coupon for $1 off fruit wyb 2 boxes, $2.00 each (since I would have bought fruit anyway)
Life cereal $2.49
Kellogg's Raisin Bran 5/$11, used $1/2 coupon $1.70 each
Quaker instant oatmeal $2.49
Quaker Oats $1.99
Bulk coffee

For lunch
Minute Maid 100% juice boxes $2.99-$1 coupon=$1.99
Flavorite applesauce $2.49
Campbell's Chunky Soup $1.49-$1/4 coupon=$1.24 each. I remember when these used to go on sale for 10/$10, and I used coupons on top of that often making them $0.50 each.
Sunbelt granola bars $1.66
Jennie-O turkey burgers $5.99
Wheat kaiser rolls (for the turkey burgers) $2.59
Whole wheat bread
Tortilla chips
Broccoli salad from the deli
Honey ham from the deli

Peaches $1.47/lb.
Dole celery $0.66
Mini sweet peppers
Organic carrots
Gala apples
Organic broccoli

Frigo shredded Parmesan cheese $1.66 (for the minstrone soup)
Coffeemate creamer $0.99 each
Stonyfield organic yogurt $4.39-$1 coupon=$3.39
Old Home cottage cheese $1.99
Westfield Farms butter $2.49
Tru Moo chocolate milk $2.99 (does not have high fructose corn syrup in it)
Block cheese
Orange juice

Kashi pita crisps $3.29-$1.50 coupon=$1.79
Vista oyster crackers $1.00

For the pantry
Ronzoni pasta $1
Hunts tomatoes $1
Betty Crocker Fun Da Middles cupcake mix 2/$5-$0.75 coupon=$1.75
Crisco oil $2.99
Champion raisins $2.99
Ortega enchilada sauce $1.25
Wing seasoning $1.00
Pizza sauce $1.50
Aunt Jemima syrup $2.49
Par Excellence white rice $0.77
Smucker's low sugar strawberry jam $2.77-$0.55 coupon =$2.22
Aunt Jemima pancake mix $1.99
Country Time lemonade $2.49

Softsoap liquid soap $1.25
Glad cling wrap $2.00
Paper plates, 100 count $0.99
Pull Ups $11.59, used FREE coupon from playing the Huggies Enjoy the Ride Rewards games
Angel Soft toilet paper $6.46, used $0.50 coupon=$5.96
Legal size security envelopes, $1.59

This week I saved 33% or $101.39 by shopping the sales and using coupons.

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