Saturday, June 11, 2011

From the Grocery List to the Dinner Table

Last weekend we had to finish shopping for my daughter's birthday, so we picked up some of the sale items at Super One.

Ronzoni Garden Delight pasta, on sale for $0.99, used $1/2 coupon=$0.49 each (will use in pasta dishes in the future)

Hersheys candy pouches, on sale 3 for $5, used $2/2=$1 each
M & M's, on sale for $1.99, used $1.50 off 2 coupon=$1.24 each

Gold'n Plump chicken drumsticks and thighs, on sale for $1.99, used $1 coupon=$0.99 each (we grilled the drumsticks and I cooked the thighs for chicken soup for my daughter's birthday)

Overall I saved 39%, or $55.97 by shopping the sales and using coupons. I also bought:
Grocery items
Creamette thin spaghetti, $0.66 (for the pantry)
Ballpark buns--$1.50-$0.55 coupon=$0.95 each (Had Sloppy Joes from the freezer, and brats/hot dogs this week)
Sweet Baby Rays BBQ sauce--$1.50-$1/3 coupon=$1.17 each (for the pantry)
Rachel's Kettle Chips (hubby's choice)--$2.00 (for lunches)
Country Hearth whole wheat bread--$2.49-$0.55 coupons=$1.94 each (for breakfast/lunch/snack)
Del Monte ketchup--$0.77 (pantry)
Kellogg's fruit snacks (kid's choice)--$2.22
Kingsford lighter fluid--$3.33 (It's grilling season!)
Two bottles Dasani water (it was warm, we were thirsty)--$1.49 each
Del Monte spaghetti sauce--$0.66 (pantry)
Kingsford charcoal--$6.46-$1.00 coupon=$5.46
Doritos--$1.99 (lunches)
Besides the Gold'n Plump chicken, I bought a bag of Schweigert chicken nuggets for $4.99 (kids are home from school and I need some extra lunch options)
Mann's broccoli slaw--$1.47 (added to salad and casserole)
Bananas--$2.09 (got the first pound free with store coupon)
Green leaf lettuce--$0.97 (for salads, on sandwiches)
Pink lady apples, 3 lb.--$2.77
Dairy (Breakfast and snack options)
David bagels--$1.49
Arrowhead cottage cheese--$2.49
Skim milk--$3.19
2% milk--$3.59
Land O'Lake gallon orange juice--$4.34
Kemps vanilla ice cream--$2.99 (to go with daughter's birthday cupcakes)
3 Jack's pizzas--$1.88 each
Hony ham--$4.68 (For sandwiches, in eggs)

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