Monday, August 15, 2011

From the Grocery List to the Dinner Table

When I go grocery shopping, there are some products that I buy almost every shopping trip. I'm not very brand loyal, so I'll usually buy whichever brand is on sale that week.
In produce--
I always buy bananas, salad fixings (leaf lettuce, cucumber, other veggies that are on sale), apples and organic carrots (Earthbound Farm carrots just taste better than non-organic) if I'm getting low, and whatever is on sale for the week that our family will eat. This week it was blueberries that were FREE when buying two Ocean Spray juices, salad mix for $0.88, peaches for $1.59/lb. and pears for $0.97/lb., sweet corn for $0.22 each and red potatoes for $3.53. I also bought Caesar salad mix to eat with pizza, and a green pepper and mushrooms to make kabobs.
In dairy--
I always buy three gallons of milk, two 2% and one skim. I usually run out before my next shopping trip and have to buy more here in town. I buy yogurt if it's on sale. I prefer Yoplait and don't buy many other brands. I also like Stonyfield organic yogurt, but it's expensive so I don't buy it often. I buy cottage cheese, chunk cheese and shredded cheese, and orange juice, whatever is on sale or the cheapest. If I'm low on eggs, sour cream, creamer or butter I'll buy what's cheapest.
In the frozen section--
If I'm low on frozen veggies or they're on sale, I'll buy some. Sometimes I buy frozen pizza for the weekend. Sometimes I buy ice cream. I don't buy a lot of frozen food, mostly if it's a good sale that week.
In the bakery--
I buy two loaves of 100% whole wheat bread. Occasionally I'll buy white bread to placate the husband and kiddos, but I don't want them to come to expect it every week! My weakness is donuts/rolls, so if there's something on sale I'll probably buy it. This week it was caramel rolls. It was awesome with my Saturday morning coffee.
Other grocery items--
I look through the sale ad to see what's a good deal for the week. I buy whatever cereal or crackers are a good deal, if they're varieties we eat. I buy whatever chips are on sale to go with lunches. M&M's (individual size) were $0.55 and I used a $0.75/2 coupons, so $0.35 for both. Bob's Red Mill steel cut oats were $2.66. I've been wanting to try the steel cut oats, but they're usually quite expensive. Pineapple chunks for kabobs and tidbits for pizza. Hunts spaghetti sauce for $1, and free spaghetti when you buy 3 sauces. Two cans of tuna for a lunch option. Hunt's Snack Pack Pudding 5/$4 and used a coupon for $0.45/3, so $0.71 each. Frosted Mini Spooners for $0.97. Keebler Fudge granola bars for $2.77, but there was a tear pad on the display to try the product for free (send in receipt and UPC, get refund check). Bugles (the kids love 'em, but I rarely buy them). Eggo waffles on sale for $1.66, used $1/2, so $1.16 each. Johnsonville sausage for weekend breakfast. Garden of Eatin' blue chips for $2.99-$1 coupon=$1.99. Kangaroo pita chips for $1.99. Deli ham and turkey for sandwiches. Suave shampoo and conditioner for $0.99 each. Bic razors for $4.44-$2 coupon=$2.44.
I buy what I need for meals in the week(s) ahead. I bought pizza dough mix, hot dog buns, pepperoni and Canadian bacon for pizza, Elliott's hot dogs, baby back ribs for $1.97/lb., fresh chicken breasts for $1.97/lb., boneless skinless chicken thighs, cut up chicken fryer.
I also buy whatever I'm low on or out of. This week I needed chili powder and cumin, liquid hand soap, garbage bags, bulk coffee (always coffee!), cooking spray, sunflower seeds for hubby, Q-Tips.
This week I saved $80.12 or 30% by shopping the sales and using coupons.

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