Wednesday, August 3, 2011

From the Grocery List to the Dinner Table, Vacation Edition

Little Winnie Lake

We were on vacation last week with my parents and sisters and their families. We took turns cooking the main meal of the day, and our family made homemade pizza with salad one night and grilled hamburgers, cole slaw and baked beans another night. Here's what else I bought before vacation:

Breakfast items--

Life cereal ($2.99-$0.75=$2.24)


Whole wheat bread (2), cottage white bread, unsweetened applesauce, chips, deli turkey and ham

Meat and sides--

Pizza crust (6), pizza sauce ($1-$1/5=$0.80 each), pizza toppings (pineapple, black olives, Canadian bacon, pepperoni), hamburger buns (3) ($1 each), chicken drumsticks (2/$, used 2-$1 coupons=$1.50 each), frozen pizza (2)

Snacks--More junk food than I usually buy, but it was for sharing on vacation

Graham crackers (2) ($1 each), Pretzel M & M's, 8 pk. fun size candy bars--Milky Way, Twix, 3 Musketeers, Snickers, vanilla wafers, Keebler Chips Deluxe, Quaker granola bars, almonds, sunflower seeds, Lunchables (4) ($1 each), Tribe hummus


Broccoli, sliced mushrooms, romaine lettuce, mini carrots, plums and peaches ($1/lb.), coleslaw mix, spinach, roma tomatoes, apples, cucumbers, bananas


Coffeemate, eggs, cottage cheese, yogurt, orange juice, bagels, butter, string cheese, block cheese, shredded cheese, milk

Pantry items--

Wacky Mac ($1-$0.40 coupon=$0.60), Flavorite peanut butter, taco shells, chocolate chips, pancake mix, canned peaches, canned pumpkin (2), Chi-Chi's salsa (2) ($1-$0.50=$0.50 each), Langer's apple juice ($1 each)


Paper plates, bottled iced tea (2), whole bean coffee, Pull Ups, bottled water, 3 pk. Zest soap ($1.99-$1=$0.99), Capri Sun (2), 6 pk. donuts (my weakness!), Kotex Lightdays, kids' toothpaste, Take and Toss straw cups

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