Monday, August 8, 2011

From the Grocery List to the Dinner Table

This is what I bought for groceries last week:

I bought this case of blueberries for $24.99 at our local grocery store (not where I do most of my shopping). Last year I bought a case for $17.99, so the price has gone up quite a bit. I froze most of them to use through the fall/winter. In the long run it's a money saver as I saw frozen blueberries in the grocery store were over $4 each.

For my regular shopping, I saved 34% or $121.90 buy shopping the sales and using coupons.

The freebies for the week--

Creamette spaghetti FREE with purchase of 3 Hunt's spaghetti sauce, Pop Tarts 12 pk. FREE with purchase of 4 Mini Wheats, Blueberries FREE with purchase of two Ocean Spray

Breakfast items--

Master English muffin bread $1.66, Kellogg's Mini Wheats (4 total) 4/$10-$1/2 coupons=$2.00 each, Kellogg's Raisin Bran Crunch and Rice Krispies 3/$8-$1/2 coupon=$2.16 each, Hungry Jack pancake mix $1.99, Eggo waffles $1.66-$1/3=$1.33 each, Johnsonville breakfast sausage $2.97, Jennie-O turkey bacon $1.99


Barrel o' Fun chips $2.50, Barrel o' Fun tortilla chips $1.99, Whole wheat bread $1.99 each, Kraft mac 'n cheese $0.75-$1/2 coupon=$0.41 each, Foster corn dogs $5.99, Deli salami $2.47, Deli hony ham $2.89

Meat and sides--

Ocean Eclipse salmon 4 oz. individally packaged 10/$10 (Made this awesome grilled salmon!), Gold'n Plump boneless, skinless chicken breasts $7.97, Gold'n Plump boneless, skinless chicken thighs $7.97,Gold'n Plump cut up fryers $4.94, Ground beef $13.13, Mr. Dee's sweet potato fries $2.50, Jack's pizza $2.49


Nabisco Teddy Grahams $2.49, Kashi pita crisps $2.99-$1.50 coupon=$1.49, Cheez Its $1.99, Kemps tropical popsicles $2.50, Kemps ice cream bucket $2.99, Hunt's snack pack pudding 5/$4


Broccoli $0.92, Grapes $3.86, Dole salad mix $1.88, Bananas $1.86, Green beans $2.20, Green peppers 2/$0.97, Organic carrots $1.66, Roma tomotoes $0.43, Seedless watermelon $2.97, Idaho potatoes $3.49, Honeydew melon $5.44


Eggs $1.59, Cruz whole wheat tortillas $2.39, Westfield Farms shredded cheddar cheese $1.99, Crystal Farms string cheese $2.99, Yoplait Delights 4 pks. $2-$0.50 coupons=$1.50 each, Westfield Farms butter $2.50, Arrowhead cottage cheese $2.50, Coffeemate creamer $1.66-$0.55= $1.11, Reddi Wip $1.99, Crystal Farms American cheese $1.99, Arrowhead orange juice $3.99, Super One milk $2.50 each for 2, $3.49 for 3rd

Pantry items--

Hunt's ketchup $0.75, Chicken of the Sea tuna $0.69, Hunt's spaghetti sauce $1.00, S & W kidney and black beans 2/$3, Hunt's diced tomatoes $1.00, Kool Aid mix $1.99, Flavorite mandarin oranges (to add to fruit salad) $1.00, Del Monte pineapple $1.00, Nestle chocolate chips $2.49-$1/2 coupon=$1.99 each, Peter Pan peanut butter $0.99, Lime juice $1.79, Sunflower seeds $1.99


Ocean Spray cranapple juice 2/$5, Twizzlers $0.99, Bulk coffee $3.49,Bottled water 24 pk. $2.50, Royal Oak charcoal $4.94, Angel Soft 12 big rolls $4.94

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