Friday, May 6, 2011

From the Grocery List to the Dinner Table

To get the most out of my money when grocery shopping, I do my best to look through the weekly ad for the best sales, and also match sale items with coupons. My best deals can be found here. This is what I can do with what I bought this week:
Apples, oranges ($0.77/lb.), bananas, strawberries ($1.66), cantaloupe ($0.77/lb.), broccoli/cauliflower heads, carrots, green peppers (2/$0.97), mushrooms ($0.77), grape tomatoes ($1.97), avocados ($1.17 each), cucumber, potatoes.
I almost always buy (or have on hand) apples, bananas, potatoes and carrots. I bought the broccoli/cauliflower and cucumber to add to salads. Everything else was a sale item. The fruit we'll eat as snacks or with a meal. The green peppers and mushrooms will get added to a meal, tomatoes we'll snack on or eat in salad, and the avocadoes can go with Cinco de Mayo nachos, or on turkey burgers.
My biggest expenditure in the meat department was a 5 pound package of hamburger for $14.88. I'll used it for BBQ meatballs, taco meat for nachos, and the rest will be frozen in 1 pound packages for future meals.
I also bought a large package of drumsticks ($3.94 after coupon) for Parmesan Drumsticks, 3 pound package of Johnsonville brats ($6.72 after coupon) and two packages of Ball Park hot dogs ($1.95 each after coupon).
I almost always buy milk, eggs, and butter when I go grocery shopping. I'm not brand loyal most of the time, so I buy whatever brand of cottage cheese, cheese, sour cream, non-dairy creamer, and orange juice is on sale each week. This week I also bought store brand Parmesan cheese, whole wheat tortillas, Frigo string cheese, 1st National bagels.
I bought McCain sweet potato fries for $1.99, Eggo waffles ($1.62 each after coupon), Super Hero popsicles for $2.49, DiGiorno's new pizza combos (Pizza and Wyngz--their spelling, and Pizza and Cookies) for $4.70 each after coupons, and two bags of store brand frozen veggies for $0.99 each.
I bought two loaves of bread for $2.49 each, store brand hot dog buns for $1.55, Ball Park hot dog buns for $1.44 after coupon. One package of buns went in the freezer for a later time.
Snacks and treats
Toasteds crackers for $1.19 after coupons, store brand saltines and graham crackers, Blue Diamond almonds for $2.13 each after coupon, Planters trail mix 2/$3 on sale. Oreo Fudgees were $1.99 after coupon.
Kellogg's cereal for $1.64 each after coupon. Most days the kids eat cereal for breakfast. Sometimes they'll have toast or a bagel, and we'll have pancakes, eggs, oatmeal, or other options on the weekend.
To add to pantry stock
Store brand peanut butter, Duncan Hines brownie mix for $0.49 after coupon, Duncan Hines frosting 2/$3 and used coupon for free cake mix when you buy 2 frostings (we have two birthdays coming up in the next month), Pillsbury cake mix ($0.77), taco shells, Kool Aid, Hunt's Ketchup ($0.99, and has no high fructose corn syrup), flour salsa, apple sauce, ramen noodles, canned pineapple ($0.93 after coupon), chocolate chips
Specifically for school lunches
Juice boxes, deli ham, chips ($1.49-$1.99 per bag after coupons)
Nestle Crunch/Baby Ruth candy bars were on $0.19 after coupon, Sierra Mist was free when I bought 2 bags of Sun Chips, Old El Paso taco seasoning was free when I bought 2 Old El Paso products, Royal Oak charcoal for $3.99
Whole bean coffee, Pull Ups, lotion

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