Monday, November 21, 2011

From the Grocery List to the Dinner Table: Thanksgiving Edition

Last week the Super One ad was filled with bargains for Thanksgiving Dinner.

What I bought for Thanksgiving--

Ocean Spray cranberry sauce $1.15-$1/2=$0.65, Turkey $0.43, almost 14 pounder was $5.96, Potatoes $2.98 for 10 pounds

I have to decide on a veggie, I have Pillsbury pie crust and filling for pies, I just need to get sausage for the stuffing, which is on sale this week

Breakfast items--

Johnsonville sausage $2.99, coffee beans, bagels, orange juice


Canned tuna, chips, bread, whole wheat tortillas


Ham and bean soup, bought 2 cans of white beans at $0.88 each, used ham leftover from Saturday's ham dinner, broth from the freezer, and carrots/onion/celery I already had

Cheddarwurst were $2.49 each (although they charged me $3.43, so I'll get back money for these next time I shop), bought buns to go with at $1.55, leftover au gratin potatoes from our ham dinner on Saturday, frozen veggies

Baked potato bar using the surplus of potatoes I have, steamed broccoli, bacon, shredded cheese and sour cream

Also eating this week:

Roast from the freezer with fried potatoes (using leftover baked potatoes from potato bar night) and green beans, homemade pizza, and homemade vegetable beef soup with leftover roast beef from Thursday's supper.


Hunt's Snack Pack pudding $0.97-$0.50/2=$0.72 each


Onions $0.99 for 2 lb., organic sweet potatoes $2.99 for 3 lb.

Bananas, oranges, grapes


Pillsbury crescent/sweet rolls 3/$5-$1/2 and $0.30 coupons=$1.23 each

Eggs, creamer, Tru Moo chocolate milk, 2% and skim milk

Pantry/freezer items--

My canned good storage is so full, I've had to put some cans in the kids' play kitchen! Okay, the kids put them there, but I am pretty stocked up.

Marshmallows $0.97, Green Giant canned veggies $0.55, Barilla whole grain pasta $1.25-$0.55 coupon=$0.70, Nestle hot cocoa mix $0.97, Fleischmann's yeast $1.25-$0.40 coupon=$0.85, Campbell's cream soup $0.59-$0.25/4 coupon=$0.53 each, Carnation evaporated milk $0.97-$0.50/2=$0.72, Dole pineapple $1.25-$0.50/2=$1.00 each, Flavorite pumpkin $0.97, Eagle sweetened condensed milk $1.99-$0.55=$1.44, Del Monte canned fruit $0.97, Swanson beef broth $0.59-$0.50/5=$0.49 each, Jello $0.77/Jello pudding $0.88-$0.55/3 coupon=$0.66 each, Comstock cherry pie filling $2.49-$0.50=$1.99, Heinz ketchup $1.66-$1.00 coupon=$0.66, Langer's cranberry juice $1.99, Birdseye Steamfresh $0.97, Green Giant Steamers $1.50-$0.50/2=$1.25 each, Edy's ice cream $2.49

Italian seasoning, salsa, pancake mix, flour, syrup, hamburger, more frozen veggies


Napkins, straws, Kotex Lightdays (got $2 catalina back for buying two), shampoo and conditioner

Kraft Foods deal: $10 off turkey when you buy 12 products. I was buying the turkey anyway at $0.43/lb., so I considered the $10 off to to be off the Kraft products.

Kraft ranch dressing $2.50-$0.83 promotion=$1.67

Planters peanuts $2.99-$0.83=$2.16

Nabisco crackers (two) $2.00-$0.84=$1.16 each

Stove Top stuffing (two) $1.25-$0.83=$0.42 each

Oscar Mayer bacon 2/$6-$0.83 each=$2.17 each (although they charged me $4.99 each! I'll be getting my money back next time I go shopping--$5.86 total with the overchard from the Hillshire Farms Cheddarwurst.)

Kraft shredded cheese (two) $2.67-$0.83 each=$1.84 each

Philadelphia cream cheese $1.66-$0.84=$0.82

Cool Whip $0.97-$0.83=$0.14

Saved $109.73 or 37%

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